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Steve’s Pump Service
PO Box 547 Boring, OR 97009
24300 SE Hoffmeister Rd.
Damascus, OR 97089

Electrical: 72 CPI
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Insurance: Cincinnati
Workman's Comp: SAIF
Also serving all of Oregon including
the greater Portland Metro Area.
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welches - Steves Pump Service
Hand Pumps, Storage Tanks, Pressure Tanks, Flow Testing & More
Steve’s Pump Services provides a variety of water services to customers in the Welches area, including installation of hand pumps, constant pressure systems, water storage tank and pressure tank installations. For untapped water beneath your property, we install well pumps and irrigation pumps. We provide professional flow testing and offer free water testing for minerals, pH and hardness.

Our free water testing looks for minerals like iron and lead which may corrode your pipes and be dangerous to your family in high levels. We also evaluate pH levels and water hardness. Hard water is usually safe but can make household chores involving water more difficult. Clothing laundered in hard water may come out looking dingy and not feeling soft. Dishes rinsed with hard water may appear spotty. Our water treatment services, including water softening, will help correct these common water problems.

Steve’s Pump Service is a local company, based out of Damascus, and has been in the industry since 1978. We always offer free estimates and also do our best to accommodate emergency services without a previous appointment. We understand that sometimes things come up unexpectedly. We will always explain all of your options in a way that is easy for you to understand, allowing you to make a confident, educated decision about your home.