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Water Treatment/Filtration – Steve’s Pump Service
Hard water, minerals, and sediment can cause problems when it comes to water. These problems may be minor to severe. Steve’s Pump Service provides professional water treatment for minerals and hard water. Our experts will test your water source for levels of iron, sulfer and more, as well as for water hardness, and recommend the best course of action.

Hard water is rarely dangerous but can be an annoyance when used by household appliances or for bathing. Hard water may cause detergent build-up in your dishwasher or washing machine, resulting in spotty-looking dishes and scratchy garments. It can even make soap residue more difficult to rinse from skin. Hard water is more common in some regions than others, including a few select areas in the northwest. Thankfully, Steve’s Pump Service offers effective water softening to help solve these problems and make your chores a bit more enjoyable.

Sediment build up in your system is hard on your tank and plumbing. Some well water is “dirtier” than others requiring a sediment filter to clean it up. If not addressed the particles build up on the bottom of the pressure tank, create blockage in waterlines, and collect in faucet screens. We offer an extensive line of sediment filtration to meet your needs.

While all well and tap water contains some minerals and potential toxins, they can build up and become dangerous at high levels. Water treatment can help make water safer for drinking and bathing.