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Steve’s Pump Service
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Damascus, OR 97089

Electrical: 72 CPI
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Also serving all of Oregon including
the greater Portland Metro Area.
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Oregon City - Steves Pump Service
Hand Pumps, Storage Tanks, Pressure Tanks, Flow Testing & More
Steve’s Pump Service brings expert water services to customers in and around Oregon City. We provide constant pressure systems, pressure tanks, and various pumps for home use as well as irrigation purposes. We also provide professional water testing to maintain the safety of your home and your family. Whether you are in need of a new water storage tank or are concerned about hard water, we can handle it.

We offer free water testing for hard water, pH and minerals. Hard water can cause problems with soap residue, leaving a film on clothes, dishes, and even your skin. Harsh pH levels can cause damage to your pipes and give your laundry a blue-green tint. Even worse, minerals like iron and lead can cause serious health problems. Water softening and other water treatment can correct these problems, making your water safer and helping your appliances and detergents work to their full potential. We also offer flow testing to ensure that your water is running smoothly.

Steve’s Pump Service offers well pumps, irrigation pumps, and hand pumps for rural homes and other properties wanting or requiring a manual water source. Our experts can advise you on the best route for your water system, making the process easy, painless and stress-free. Located in Damascus, we are a big believer in local business and have been working in the industry for over twenty years.