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Steve’s Pump Service
PO Box 547 Boring, OR 97009
24300 SE Hoffmeister Rd.
Damascus, OR 97089

Electrical: 72 CPI
Plumbing: 0018WTI
Insurance: Cincinnati
Workman's Comp: SAIF
Also serving all of Oregon including
the greater Portland Metro Area.
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Corbett - Steves Pump Service
Steve’s Pump Service provides customers in and around Corbett, Oregon with professional water services. We offer installation of well pumps and other equipment, water treatment services, constant pressure systems and more. We provide free water testing and estimates to get started. Our experts will explain your options in a way that is easy to understand, making it easy for you to make a confident, informed decision.

We specialize in water quality and flow testing, with free water testing for minerals, pH, hard water and more. Hard water can cause detergent build-up on clothes and dishes, and even make it harder to rinse soap off of your skin. Many detergents and appliances are actually designed to work with soft water. Our water softening treatment will help you make the most out of your water.

Steve’s Pump Service provides an array of services for rural properties, including well and hand pumps as well as irrigation pumps. We provide storage tank and pressure tank options, and will help you find the best combination of products and services for your property. Steve’s is locally owned and operated, based out of Damascus, and we have been in the business since 1978.