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Most water system do not demand much attention. We do, however, recommend a yearly checkup even if things seem to be working properly. The yearly maintenance service call will:
  • Ensure that everything is working properly
  • Help prevent additional wear on your equipment
  • Increase the life of your equipment
  • Possibly reduce electric bill and prevent unnecessary use of electricity
  • Reduce the chance of an emergency service call
Your yearly maintenance service call will include:
  • Checking the air charge in the pressure tank
  • Running the pump to determine the time between pumping cycles
  • Measure motor amps
  • Checking for leaks
  • Test electrical components
  • Look for burnt wiring
  • Check water quality
Water Treatment Equipment It is extremely important that water treatment equipment be serviced yearly to protect your investment and ensure you are getting the quality water you paid for. We will do the following during your water treatment maintenance service call:
  • Ensure that softener/sanitizer customers are using the right kind of salt
  • Check level of calcite in acid neutralizer units
  • Adjust time clocks on all units
  • Run units through the regeneration cycle
  • Test raw and treated water
  • Flush sand separators
  • Replace filter cartridges
Call today to schedule your maintenance service, and reduce your risk of finding yourself in a “no water” situation.